Elevate Your Monsoon Style With These Jackets

As the showers come down more and more, it’s time to adapt your wardrobe to the season. As comfortable as it sounds, if you’re sipping a hot Cup of Chai out the window, if you have to go outside and deal with the weather, it’s a whole new game. These stylish monsoon jackets will keep you warm and could provide an extra layer of protection from the elements. Read on to find out more…

1. Desi World PONCHO

The first thing you’ll notice about this Poncho is its earthy olive green hue. The hooded turtleneck extends into the long flowing fabric that is knee-length. The asymmetrical ribbed cuffs are accentuated by the textured acrylic fabric. Wear it on a cooler day with cropped trousers or another type of Leggings.

2. Ginger Down Jacket

If you don’t have an umbrella at hand, a polyester layer is the most sensible, and if you choose this number from Ginger, you will also get the extra Bonus of style points. The long-sleeved buffer jacket has a mock collar and a zipper on the front. The recognizable element of the buffer jackets – the top seams – and the deep purple color both add to their appeal. Pair it with any of your Casual Looks to make them even better!

3. Kappa sports jacket

If Athleisure is your favorite style, there is no better monsoon jacket than a sporty number from Kappa. The simple zipper design with full sleeves has an Ombre effect from white to pink that really highlights it. Get extra protection with the hood that allows you to cover your head. A T-Shirt and tights to tie on the front will ensure that you are elegantly layered and ready for the drizzle.

4. Code Hooded Jacket

Of all the monsoon jackets available, longline jackets probably offer the best protection against rain, with the exception of Special rain gear. With designs up to your calf, protect them until they find a blanket. This Code longline black hooded jacket does it in style! The slim silhouette has a hood, side pockets and a fabric belt. Pair this jacket with your more elegant outfits, including semi-formal Looks.

5. Formal blazer by Allen Solly

While a Blazer may not be the most appropriate monsoon jacket for women, there are occasions when they are needed. And they will protect you from light drizzle and cold winds. Allen Solly’s Charcoal Gray Blazer is everything you can look for in formal wear. The single-row Design can be worn with matching trousers and a button-down shirt.

6. short ginger sweater

Beat the colder days with this trendy sweater from Ginger. The discreet mint green color combined with the design of the full sleeves, the ornaments and the ribbed pattern make it a Must-Have for any cold season. You can combine it with shorts or cropped jeans, in addition to carrying a cute umbrella.

7. Ginger Denim Jacket

Denim, especially in sapphire, is a classic, regardless of the season, and therefore a favorite for the monsoon. Add a touch to your denim jacket with this piece from Ginger delivered with a slight Stress and a washed Tone. The fringed hem adds to this rugged look. Create a super chic Denim-on-Denim look with this fashionable jacket for Monsoon.

8. printed shrug code

If you just need a light coat on your outfit before going out, this Code shrug is a good choice. The long-sleeved shrug with an open front keeps you warm and allows your skin to breathe when it is wet. With animal prints, you can make this white shrug the focal point of your outfit by wearing it with black.

9. Ginger Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is not only comfortable and warm, but also perfect for lazy days. The bright lime green color adds a little momentum to your Look, while the Long-sleeved Design With A High Collar is ideal for this Season. This style of monsoon jacket can also be combined with Jeans, as well as with Leggings or tights.

10. Striped Shrug Code

For a more formal shrug, you can turn to this striped code number. Complete with three-quarter sleeves and an open front, you can combine them with your semi-formal and formal clothes.

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