Styling Eight Colors For Fall According To Pantone

Come Autumn, and we begin to imagine Fashion in earthy tones. From soothing beige and muddy camel to lush burgundy and burnt brown; and while we will certainly stock up on these warm and rich essentials, this Season we are turning to The unexpected because here summer has fallen into autumn.

Nautical sapphire, cheerful pink, a refined warm white, and a deep burning Orange, as well as rich jewel shades, will fit into your closets this fall. No, this report does not come directly to you from the road, but it comes directly from the horse’s mouth. We found these warm shades on the Pantone Color Institute’s fall-winter color palette.

So before you start shopping for your fall favorites, take a look at the colors we’re loving this season, and while you’re at it, check out these FabAlley picks to help you incorporate colors into your wardrobe.

Get ready to dress in a mixed bag of shades!


This spicy shade of red is all you need to add a touch of fire to your look. Wear it from head to toe for a flamboyant statement or combine it with white or Beige for a relaxed fall feel.

Cycling Red

This bold shade combines shades of red and our favorite brown in autumn. In equal parts lush and powerful, choose this color for a refined evening.

Fruit pigeon

Let your outfit become a conversation starter with this hot pink. It’s hot, it’s lively, it’s every bit va-va-voom! For such a strong color, we recommend taking everything out. Wear it from top to bottom or combine it with an equally eye-catching color! We are thinking of a lush purple.

Sweet almonds

Part rust, part brown, this medium shade is the immaculate earth shade that can take you from morning to night without problems. Sophisticated for Board meetings, steamed for an evening coffee and perfectly chic for a night on the town.

Black Cheddar

To begin with, how can you not want a shade that reminds you of cheese? * dream, drool and even more drool * Okay, go ahead, this gorgeous mix of Orange and yellow is all you need to brighten up a cloudy autumn day. Choose a playful dress or add an experimental touch to your Look By choosing a pair of stockings in this shade.

Blue stone

Here is calm to your Storm! This Gray-Blue is perfect for playing Sports if you want to sit down for a weekend. Our choice for this color would be a solid and simple combination.


A creamy, soft white shade that tends towards Beige – this one is a winner in all respects. Wear this shade in an effortlessly elegant dress, as a refined separate or even as a casual and casual overlay.

Evening sapphire

This shade of luxury jewelry should be your choice to dazzle until the afternoon. Wear it tightly or add extra with embroidery and ornaments.

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