Taking Your Outfit From Day To Night

Going to the film after work, dinner or a date? And you don’t have time to come home and change your outfit? Don’t worry, with these 7 best day and night outfit ideas, you can easily turn your day outfit into a night outfit. A few changes like an on-point jacket or sparkly jewelry to instantly change your overall look. Read on to find out more…

1. Wearing only one piece

On a day when you know that you need your outfit for several environments, you can get a head start on your style problems by choosing a statement outfit from the very beginning. A one-piece outfit can be so glamorous if you choose correctly. A trouser suit or a dress is perfect for these kinds of occasions. And they are so easy to transform from day to night – all you need are a few Accessories to turn your office look into an evening look!

2. Change Your Handbag

Have you heard that Accessories make up the outfit? This could not be more true than for the handbag you want to wear. Ditch your boring office bag-you know one, the brown bag or the laptop bag, and opt for something more elegant. Embellishments, sequins, metallic finishes and chain links will add a little sparkle to your casual women’s outfits.

3. Add a layer

This can work in your favor in two ways, so add it to your style guide day or night! To dress conservatively for work, you can always wear something more elegant underneath and hide most of it during working hours with a traditional jacket. Just take off your jacket on the way out to show off your style at your party. Or you can always use a chic jacket to enhance your work look so that all eyes fall on your outermost layer!

4. Wearing jewelry

A little shine can do a lot when styling your outfit. Swap your subtle jewelry for a statement necklace or bracelet, or slip on a pair of dangling earrings to make even the most boring outfit instantly more eye-catching. Just keep a few coins in your purse and put them on before going out before work.

5. Say no to casual shoes

Have you noticed the difference between a pair of ballet flats and a pair of stilettos? Who doesn’t have it, right? Heels draw so much attention to your outfit, so swap your flats for a pair of heels and watch them transform your outfit in no time.

6. Repeat your makeup

This is probably the simplest day and night outfit idea you can implement. Add a few Extras to your cosmetic bag before going to work. Before going out in the evening, you can add a little color and glitter to your existing makeup. Dramatic eye shadow, thick eyelashes and colorful lipstick add to your party look.

7. Wear your hair differently

If you tie your hair Together for work, now is the time to let it go! If your hair is a little dull after a day outside, you can always apply a few drops of a hair serum to give it shine and shine so that your curls have extra bounce and shine, even on the go.

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