Turning Loungewear From Basic To Chic

Gone are the days when our wardrobes were mainly made up of work clothes, party clothes and the many things we wear when we are on the go. Since we have spent much of the last two years at home, most of us now have a wide variety of loungewear. From online meetings to virtual parties, everything happens at home. If you want to continue the cozy comfort of loungewear, but want to take it outside, this ultimate loungewear guide gets you started.

These 6 tips are all you need to go from simple to chic….

1. layered dress

Layers and outerwear are always a great way to enhance your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing. You can add a little more color and a different texture to your outfit by rounding it up with a reflective layer. And this also applies to Loungewear. Let yourself be inspired by these Looks. A white denim jacket can cover a pair of peach-colored joggers and a white lace-up top. A black t-Shirt pasted into velvet green joggers would look more elegant with a black jacket at the waist over it.

2. Try the coordinates

The Co-Ord trend has been on the rise for several years, and since comfortable clothes are now at the forefront, there are so many Co-Ord relaxation styles to choose from. One of the best aspects of coordinated dressing is that it makes thinking easier. You don’t have to worry about matching items and can just put on a matching two-piece set. If you want to make it more versatile, you can play with the accessories. The Black ONLY set includes elastic jogging pants and a Short-sleeved T-Shirt with a Round Neck for comfort and style. Bold typographic designs add a whimsical touch. Also try the Jogger and crew neck T-Shirt from Kappa with a beige and white camouflage pattern.

3. Add a handbag

No matter how simple your outfit may seem to you, a few fashionable Accessories will change that in no time. Whether you are going for a walk or meeting your best friends, a handbag looks great and is convenient for storing your belongings. Choose to combine or contrast your outfit according to the Look you are looking for. A shoulder bag is the perfect simple and casual bag that you can add to your living room outfit ideas. The Code shoulder bag in black with gold ornaments is an elegant choice. A nice backpack like Ginger’s textured yellow is also a nice addition to your Look.

4. throw jewelry in it

If you are not someone who wears a lot of Accessories, you can always equip your loungewear with a few subtle things. A few pieces of jewelry will make your Look shine effortlessly. A necklace, earrings, rings, a bracelet or even a watch will go a long way in bringing your outfit together. Toniq’s set of ornate bracelets offers you a few different models that can be easily combined with most of your outfits. A statement watch will also attract attention everywhere-the gray minimalist watch with a metal mesh strap from Tommy Hilfiger looks elegant and refined.

5. Choose stylish sneakers

Shoes play a big role in how elegant or casual your outfit will be. A pair of sandals immediately creates a more relaxed atmosphere, while a pair of heels looks more elaborate. If comfort is the reason why you like loungewear so much and you want to stay away from heels, you can still look chic by choosing ornate sneakers instead of solid pairs. Brown rawhide lace-up shoes with thick white soles are decorated with white and gold beads and shimmering gold patterns. The gray casual shoes from Catwalk have sparkling velcro closures and heels.

6. trim your tops

Replacing your normal T-Shirts with short ones is a simple tip for another friendly salon style tip. In combination with more voluminous lower parts, a tighter Silhouette crop top can really improve your figure and emphasize your body shape. You can find Crop Tops in different models and fabrics to maintain comfort, but with additional style points. Whimsical shorts with a drawstring at the waist with cartoon prints can be combined with a short hoodie with short sleeves. You can also combine flared Jeans with a crop top with a round neck.

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